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Medical & Healthcare Interpreters

Experienced, Certified, American Sign Language Interpreters

Government Interpreting

National Interpreting Service Provides Interpreters for State and Local Government

Training Professionals

National Interpreting Service Provides Healthcare Interpreter Training

Legal Interpreting

Providing American Sign Language Interpreters for Legal Situations and Settings

Conference and Event Interpreting

American Sign Language Interpreters for Conferences, Workshops, and Special Events

Interpreter Consulting

Interpreter Consulting for Businesses and Organizations

Interpreter Classes

Healthcare Interpreter Training, Community Interpreter and More

Professional Interpreters

Providing Reliable Services, and Quality Interpreters

Career Opportunities

National Interpreting Service contracts with RID Certified Interpreters

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Office Location

Historic Garfield School at 528 Cottage Ave NE, Suite 1C (near Downtown Salem, Oregon)

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National Interpreting Service


Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

  1. Are there tax credits for provision of sign language interpreters for small businesses?
  2. How do I use a Sign Language Interpreter?
  3. How much notice do I need to request an interpreter?
  4. What are the qualifications of your interpreters?
  5. What does a sign language interpreter actually do?
  6. What type of services do you provide?
  7. What types of facilities and places have you interpreted for here in Oregon?
  8. Why should I call an agency? Why not find interpreters myself?

Are there tax credits for provision of sign language interpreters for small businesses?

  • IRS Tax Code Section 44 – Disabled Access Credit * This information provides general guidance. This is not financial tax advice. Consult your tax advisor for individual circumstances. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) mandates that businesses modify their facilities to include people with disabilities. As a result, the Internal Revenue Code contains several Sections that provide Tax Incentives to comply with the law. IRS Section 44 of the Internal Revenue Code grants eligible small businesses an annual tax credit of up to $5,000 for expenditures incurred “to comply with applicable requirements under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990”.The amount that may be taken is 50% of the eligible access expenditures incurred that exceed $250 but do not exceed $10,250 per tax year.

    Eligible small businesses should have gross receipts (for the year preceding the taxable year) under $1M or thirty or fewer full-time employees. Limitations •Expenditures must be “reasonable” and must meet standard regulations issued by the IRS •Expenses for new construction or those that are not necessary to accomplish ADA accessibility are not eligible •Expenses incurred in the renovation of a facility or in the normal replacement of a facility or in the normal replacement of depreciable property are not included Advantages

    IRS Section 44 allows for a “tax credit” as opposed to a “tax deduction”.
    A “tax credit” reduces taxes owed whereas the “tax deduction” reduces Adjusted Gross Income •IRS Section 44 can be used in conjunction with other tax reduction economic stimulus programs such as IRS Section 179 and the Job Creation and Worker Assistance Act of 2002 * This information provides general guidance. This is not financial tax advice. Consult your tax advisor for individual circumstances.
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How do I use a Sign Language Interpreter?

  • The first time you utilize the services of a Sign Language Interpreter, you may feel nervous or awkward. This is normal. However, once the appointment starts, you will see the the communication is smooth and efficient.

    It is important for you to know that the interpreter will be signing everything you say, and will be saying everything that the Deaf person signs. It is typical to want to watch the interpreter as they sign. However, it is most appropriate to watch the Deaf person as you speak, as well as watching the Deaf person as they sign (although the voice you hear will be coming from the interpreter). It is helpful to speak directly to the Deaf person (instead of saying “tell her…” Also, the interpreter will speak in first person as well when voicing for the Deaf person. The communication and relationship are between yourself and the Deaf person. The interpreter is there to facilitate the communication and not a party to the situation.

    The interpreters are professional and are comfortable with working with you. In addition, the Deaf person is usually experienced in working with interpreters. We are sure you will appreciate how smooth your communication is with our services. That way you can attend to your business, your patients, your clients, your boss, or your employees – and not worry about the fact you each speak a different language.
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How much notice do I need to request an interpreter?

  • National Interpreting Service will attempt to fill every request that we receive. The number of certified interpreters hasn’t keep pace with the rising demand for interpreting services, so there may be times when our office will not be able to fill a last minute or short notice request. As an agency, we feel it is important that each interpreter sent to your facility is well qualified and appropriate for that setting. If we do not have an on-site interpreter available, we can discuss other options with you.

    We prefer a two week notice for assignments, but routinely are able to fill assignments with a two to three day lead time, as well as many same day or “immediate-need” appointments. We will work together with you, so as a team we can meet your communication needs. Our clients will find us extremely flexible and willing to please.
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What are the qualifications of your interpreters?

  • At National Interpreting Service, we contract only with RID Nationally Certified Interpreters. We have interpreters with the following RID certifications: RID CI, CT, SC:L, NIC, NIC-Advanced, and NIC-Master. Most of our interpreters have a minimum of a Bachelor Degree in Interpreting or Linguistics.

    In addition, all of our interpreters are carefully screened which includes reference checks, resume, skills testing, ethics interviewing, experience in the area they interpret, and a thorough background check and drug screen. These interpreters sign strict confidentiality statements. All credentials are kept current. Our interpreters have annual HIPAA compliance training, BBP training, are current on all CDC recommended immunizations, annual TB testing, and any needed specialized training.

    All interpreters keep current memberships in good standing with RID as well as completing all required Continuing Education Units. At National Interpreting Service, we are very careful in our effort to make sure that interpreters have the proper skill level to facilitate the communication effectively for each situation. National Interpreting Service is a drug-free and fragrance-free company.
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What does a sign language interpreter actually do?

  • The American with Disabilities Act (ADA) defines a qualified interpreter as “an interpreter who is able to interpret effectively, accurately, and impartially both receptively and expressively, using any necessary specialized vocabulary.”

    A sign language interpreter is a skilled professional who facilitates the communication between individuals who do not share the same language. A sign language interpreter must be able to understand the message signed to properly articulate this message into a spoken language.

    In addition, the interpreter must be skilled and able to produce signs most readily understood by the Deaf or Hard of Hearing consumer in a manner that keeps the content and intent of the spoken message. We feel confident that our interpreters meet the definition of a qualified interpreter so you can provide the “reasonable accommodation” as required by the ADA.
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What type of services do you provide?

  • At National Interpreting Service, we provide many different services. Feel free to call our office for individual response to your questions. We provide on-site Sign Language Interpreters across the state of Oregon. Some of the cities we routinely provide sign language interpreting include Albany, Aumsville, Corvallis, Dallas, Independence, Medford, Monmouth, Portland, Salem, Vancouver, Woodburn as well as other cities

    • We Provide Certified American Sign Language Interpreters
    • Certified Legal American Sign Language Interpreters (RID SC:L)
    • 24 Hour Emergency Services
    • Resource and Referral Information
    • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance Training
    • Specialized Training and Workshops
    • Focused ASL Study Groups for interpreters
    • Tactile Interpreting (Deaf/Blind)
    • Technical Assistance for VP/TTY and other devices
    • In-House Sign Language classes
    • Interpreter Mentoring and Internships
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What types of facilities and places have you interpreted for here in Oregon?

  • This is a just a partial list of the different types of places that have used our Interpreters and that we have experience with providing services on a regular basis. Our company specializes in Medical Sign Language Interpreting and we have interpreters with extensive knowledge in the different disciplines within the medical community.

    State Government including Oregon State Governor • Federal Government Contracts • Law Offices and Police Stations • Hospitals and Health Centers • Medical and Dental Clinics • Financial Institutions and Retirement Specialists • Drug Treatment Centers • In-Patient and Out-Patient Psychiatric Service Providers • Life Insurance Companies • Auto Insurance Companies • Worker’s Compensation Boards • Hospice Care Companies • Funeral Homes and Churches • Wedding Ceremonies • Non-Profit Organizations • Surgery Centers • Colleges and Universities • Social Service Agencies • Corporations and small businesses • Theaters • Public Safety offices • Homeless Shelters • Baseball Games & Other Sporting Events • Immigration Specialists • Private Homes • County Resource offices .
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Why should I call an agency? Why not find interpreters myself?

  • At National Interpreting Service, we are knowledgeable about the various types and levels of national and state certification available for interpreters, as well as the individual strengths and specialties of the local interpreters. We can provide you with interpreters whose qualifications and skills appropriately match your patient/client(s) as well as the specific job assignment. We spend as much time as necessary in finding an appropriate match for your patient/client(s) so that you don’t have to take time from your other work duties.

    We carry all mandated liability insurance, monitor CEU activity, monitor certification status, provide training, background checks, privacy and HIPAA training as well as training specific to interpreters. We thoroughly screen all interpreters; sign all the necessary legal documents for the interpreter to work, etc.

    Since Cynthia Anderson, as Chief Executive Officer, is a nationally certified interpreter with more than 25 years’ experience, she can properly assess each situation and appropriately schedule for your needs. Most language agencies don’t have a certified interpreter as director and may not be as in touch with the community as our agency. By using National Interpreting Service, you can be assured that the utmost care will be taken to complete your requested services in a timely manner.
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