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Medical & Healthcare Interpreters

Experienced, Certified, American Sign Language Interpreters

Government Interpreting

National Interpreting Service Provides Interpreters for State and Local Government

Training Professionals

National Interpreting Service Provides Healthcare Interpreter Training

Legal Interpreting

Providing American Sign Language Interpreters for Legal Situations and Settings

Conference and Event Interpreting

American Sign Language Interpreters for Conferences, Workshops, and Special Events

Interpreter Consulting

Interpreter Consulting for Businesses and Organizations

Interpreter Classes

Healthcare Interpreter Training, Community Interpreter and More

Professional Interpreters

Providing Reliable Services, and Quality Interpreters

Career Opportunities

National Interpreting Service contracts with RID Certified Interpreters

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Contact National Interpreting Service for your American Sign Language needs

Office Location

Historic Garfield School at 528 Cottage Ave NE, Suite 1C (near Downtown Salem, Oregon)

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Reviews & Testimonials

National Interpreting Service

"Cynthia is great to work with/for. She is absolutely committed to integrity in everything related to interpreter coordinating and she values her clients and her interpreters."

"Cynthia is absolutely committed to integrity!"
-- Cindy, CI/CT RID-Advanced Interpreter

"AIS interpreters are AWESOME!" --  S.R., Hospital Emergency Room Triage

"Extremely dependable and professional!" -- D.A., MS, Mental Health Counselor

"Cynthia provided me with excellent mentoring opportunities!" -- J.R., NIC Interpreter

"You can rightfully take pride in your work!" -- J.P., Contract Supervisor - Large Health Network

"AIS is our preferred provider. So honest with billing!" --  K.O., Insurance Company Claims Analyst

"You are fantastic. Thank you so much!"
-- J.W., President OR Associaton of the Deaf

"I love having Anderson Interpretors come to my appointments."
-- M.S., Medical Services Client

"Consistently excellent and professional!"
-- E.R. Interpreter Services Coordinator

"Your assistant is great, super-kind and very helpful."
-- S. P. CMI, Interpreter Services Coordinator

"I began working for Cynthia in the spring of 2008. I had just finished my internship at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) and graduated from the Interpreter Program at Western Oregon University (WOU). I was excited and nervous about my new career as an interpreter. As a new graduate, I needed support, guidance, and and opportunity to gain experience. Fortunately, an interpreter at RIT, who had previously worked for Cynthia, put us in touch. Right away, Cynthia provided me with excellent mentoring opportunities and professional advice. Not only did she act as a mentor to help me build my interpreting skills, but she also helped me understand how to make my own freelance business thrive through by utilizing sound business practices. Cynthia mentored me herself and also connected me with other experienced interpreters. I spent countless hours of teaming, mentoring, and observations. Cynthia also provided me with a safe environment from growing my skills. Since Cynthia has so much experience in the field, she was able to help me select assignments that were appropriate for my skill level. As my skills improved, she was able to give me more challenging opportunities. As I have talked to other freelance interpreters in the field who did not have this type of opportunity, I realize how lucky I was to have worked for Cynthia. My experience working for her agency was invaluable. Cynthia's excellent rapport with both her hearing and Deaf clients is also a true testament of her business. On many occasions I was told by clients that National Interpreting Service is the only agency they use because the interpreters have a high level of skill and professionalism. I credit this to Cynthia who is diligent about professionalism and sets a high standard for her interpreters. This in turn sets a high standard for our profession, leading to greater services for the community we serve."

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