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Anderson Interpreting Service

American Sign Language Interpreter Services

Government Interpreting

Anderson Interpreting Service Provides Interpreters for State and Local Government

Medical & Healthcare Interpreters

Experienced, Certified, American Sign Language Interpreters

Training Professionals

Anderson Interpreting Service Provides Healthcare Interpreter Training

Legal Interpreting

Providing American Sign Language Interpreters for Legal Situations and Settings

Conference and Event Interpreting

American Sign Language Interpreters for Conferences, Workshops, and Special Events

Interpreter Consulting

Interpreter Consulting for Businesses and Organizations

Interpreter Classes

Healthcare Interpreter Training, Community Interpreter and More

Professional Interpreters

Providing Reliable Services, and Quality Interpreters

Career Opportunities

Anderson Interpreting Service contracts with RID Certified Interpreters.

Call for Interpreters (503) 932-8460

Contact Anderson Interpreting Service for your American Sign Language needs

Office Location

Historic Garfield School at 528 Cottage Ave NE, Suite 1C (near Downtown Salem, Oregon)

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Video Remote Interpreting Services

Anderson Interpreting Service


::: Video Remote Interpreting

Anderson Interpreting Service is now providing ON DEMAND INTERPRETING (ODI). We have American Sign Language and spoken language Interpreters available within 30 seconds 24/7 365. The interpreters are professional, skilled, and have been trained with the highest standards. All the interpreters are certified if there is certification available in that language. If there isn’t certification available in that language yet, they are professionally trained and have taken health care interpreting classes as required.

With the platform we use, the video session is between the patient or client needing the interpreting service, and the service provider, with the interpreter acting as the bridge in communication. This solution can be implemented at your location very easily with either equipment already at your site, or with either a PC, iPad, or special phone. This picture is of Cynthia Anderson presenting at the Oregon Association of the Deaf Conference in Wilsonville, Oregon (2013). Cynthia was presenting on using

Once the service is implemented, the provider can have access to a live certified interpreter in 30 seconds or less. No need to make an appointment. This can be a very cost effective solution for many situations. Not replacing on site interpreters, but working in tandem to provide the best possible service for your clients/patients. This is especially helpful when a client/patient shows up and needs immediate assistance. Please call our office for information on how to improve your patient care with this service.

In addition to American Sign Language, Anderson Interpreting Service now offers Spanish and other languages via the Video Remote Interpreting On Demand. Anderson Interpreting also provides audio interpreting in up to 200 languages 24/7. Please call for more information.

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